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The event in Apr. 2021 of the Bade minimum Security Prison, MJAC : The activity face to face of Mother’s Day

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  • Last updated:2023-10-02
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In Britain, May is leafy and beautiful month in full bloom. It’s said that May is the month of Maia—the goddess of spring, can be traced back to mythology in ancient Greek. In Taiwan, May is also warm and fragrant month for expressing one’s gratitude to mother.

    However, a great family is derived from the firm communication with each other. Everyone need group conduct therapy of family support and nobody seems excepted, especially for an inmate. And therefore, we had an activity face to face for them and their dependents on Apr. 25. There were a total of 111people in the event, including 35 inmates and 76 dependents. The host served snacks and carnations to show wish for their dependents even through The Bade minimum-Security Prison was commanded by MJAC to declare No-eating on the spot as the COVID-19 pandemic crisis continues. Meanwhile, they tended to chat casually with each other.

    The inmates can learn tolerance through under interchange of deep emotions. No one conceal his feelings, and there were much gladness and moving teeming in the event. Many mothers were full of tears as soon as she face firstly her son, despite should be surrounding joy and happiness. By the way, specialized Plate spotlighted the careful service of the host. Compare with normal camera, it can make the picture visible without chemicals and print immediately. The picture will be a good remembrance of the event.

    The participants were so happy that lots of warmth came to the end with more genuine and pleasant farewells.

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