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  Bade minimum-Security Prison, Agency of corrections, Ministry of Justice
  Address:No.8, Hong-Teh Village, Shanyin Rd, Kwei-Shan, Taoyuan, 33307, Taiwan, R.O.C. 
Traffic information:


No traffic jam and starting from (*), it takes about 10~15 minutes to drive.

1.火車: 桃園火車站(*)→復興路→萬壽路→山鶯路。 
Train: Taoyuan Railway Station (*)→ Fuxing Road→ Wanshou Road→ Shanying Road
2.公車: 桃園火車站統領百貨公司(*)→113路公車(約每60分鐘一班次,路線圖)→山鶯明興街口下車。 
Bus: Taoyuan Railway Station Tongling Department store (*)→ No. 113 bus (about every 60 minutes one shift, route map) → get off at Mingxing Street and Shanmin Street.
3.北二高: 中正機場聯絡道(*)→三峽鶯歌交流道→往八德鶯歌出口靠左往鶯歌→桃鶯路→鳳吉一街→過鐵路平交道→山鶯路。  
No. 2 Highway: Taoyuan International Airport Contact Road (*)→ Sanxia  Ying-Ge Interchange→ Go to Bade Ying-Ge Exit and turn left to Ying-Ge→ Tao-Ying Road→ Fengji 1st Street→ Cross Railway Level Crossing→ Shan-Ying Road
4.中山高: 南崁交流道(*)→春日路→三民路→繞過巨蛋體育場→萬壽路→山鶯路明興街口。 
No. 1 Highway: Nan-Kan Interchange (*)→Chun-Ri Road→ Sanmin Road→ Bypassing the Arena Stadium→ Wanshou Road→ Mingxing Street and Shan-Ying Road.

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