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The Bade Minimum Security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, held cultural and recreational activities in April 2022.

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A Three-Point Shooting Competition.

In order to allow inmates to develop proper leisure activities, establish regular exercise habits, strengthen their physique, and embed the meaning of rehabilitation in the competition, we especially held a three-point shooting contest for the inmates on April 5th, 2022. There were totally 43 participants representing various units in this event.


We could realize what an astonishing behavior that human being will be under the time pressure through “the three-point shooting competition” which was especially organized. Eighteen three-point shots within 60 seconds, it depends on the accuracy and the tempo of each shootings to get the field goal. In addition to shooting from three different locations which expands the difficulty of the contest, it is also a game that encourages people to challenge themselves.


Most of the participants, who are enthusiastic over basketball exercise, often compete with each other on a field during the weekend. As the game began and the whistle blew, the pressure of time made the surge of adrenaline, every ball of shooting flying across the skyline fell into the basket perfectly. After a high-intensified and focused competition, each participants show off their best. The aim of this event is to make every participant “enjoy in it” and feel the thrill and glory of challenging himself.


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