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Bade Minimum Security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, held a phone-calling activity of Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022

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  • Last updated:2023-10-02
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In order to show our sympathy of inmate’s homesickness and strengthen family cohesion, the prison specially held a phone-calling activity for inmates on the day of Mid-Autumn Festival, letting the inmates contact their beloved families and exchange their emotions to each other. The phone-calling activity began from the morning, and we could find the eager expressions of inmates, also, happiness, and joy they showed while contacting their relatives. Although, few inmates could not reach their family members by phone for time to time, but the organizers made the best of the vacancy of free slots to make sure every inmate can contact their relatives and embrace the warmth feeling inside their hearts.

All told, there were 205participants in the phone-calling meeting of Mother’s Day. During the activity, inmates who showed pulsation and joyfulness from their eyes communicated with families sincerely, and cared each other, which filled the venue with a warm and happy atmosphere. Besides, it shortened the intangible gap between their families. Eventually, the activity drew a perfect ending with touching blessing and farewells.

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