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Bade Minimum Security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, held the Cultural and Recreational Activities in December, 2022.

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  • Last updated:2023-10-02
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In order to encourage the inmates to keep good and regular exercise habits, cultivate their sense of honor, improve their self-esteem, and embed the meaning of enlightenment in the competition, the prison held a table tennis double match for inmates on December 3th, 2022. There was total of 24particpants from various units formed 12 teams to join this competition.

All the players did everything they could to serve, spin, attack and defend during the competition. Every inmate tried his best to fight each other in the fierce battle and showed the spirit if sportsmanship. Through participating the game, all inmates realized the meaning of not becoming dizzy with success, nor being discouraged by failure, and used proper leisure activities to achieve the effect of rehabilitation. After rewarding the winners, the double table tennis competition drew a perfect ending smoothly.

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