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Baby Group-Family support activity

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  • Last updated:2023-10-31
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      In order to strengthen family support for inmates, the Bade minimum-Security Prison, Agency of corrections, Ministry of Justice held a " Baby Group-Family Day" event in the children's playroom on the second floor of the prison's reception building on October 6th, 2023. A total of 6 groups of families participated.

      This group activity mainly targets inmates with children under the age of six. It allows the inmates to strengthen the interaction and companionship between parents and children during the activities, and helps parents and children (or grandparents) who are willing to participate in different situations to share with each other, and through parent-child art creation or picture book sharing activities and interactions, we guide and assist the inmates and their families to strengthen related concepts of parent-child education.

       The inmate, Mr. Lin, has been in prison for three years and was transferred to the prison a year ago. He has become estranged from the 2-year-old case due to spending less time together and being apart more often. On the day of the event, the case was shy and unwilling to approach Mr. Lin, but with the encouragement of the wife of the case and the social worker , and Mr. Lin's patient waiting, Case gradually lowered his guard and began to interact and embrace Mr. Lin. During the activity, he even expressed his love for the seaside, evoked Mr. Lin's past good experiences with Case, and promised to go to the beach with the whole family to ride waves in the future. Mr. Lin and his family all had happy and contented smiles on their faces. Ye Junhong, the warden of Bade Foreign Service Prison, said: "Through family support group activities like this, we can help inmates establish parent-child relationships with their parents and prepare for family harmony after release from prison."


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