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Graduation Ceremony and Family Day Activities were held in Bade Minimum Security Prison

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  • Last updated:2023-10-02
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Bade Minimum Security Prison News Release

Graduation Ceremony and Family Day Activities were held in Bade Minimum Security Prison to celebrate completion of special technical training courses in Stacker Lift and Stationary Crane.

Bade Minimum Security Prison is located in GuiShan district of Taoyuan City. In order for prisoners to be capable of taking care of their family needs as well as to start a new chapter in life after parole, the prison officials have designed these technical training courses for prisoners to enhance their working skills.

There’s a saying “to give a person a fish, might as well to give him a fishing pole”. And this fishing pole is “SKILL”. Stacker Lift and Stationary Crane are currently the most desired skills in the industry. The prisoner officials have designed these courses not only to help inmates to upgrade their skills and become a certified technician, but also help to increase their salary rage. With these certifications, the prisoners will be much easier to find a job after they return to their home town and prevent them from making the same mistakes they have previously made.

Considering the job market requirements, The Bade Minimum Security Prison was working with the Labor Department, Chinese Stacker Lift Machinery Association, and Taoyuan City Government Job Service Agency as well as other related agencies to start Stacker Lift Special Training Class in May and in June to solve the shortage in technician around neighboring factories. Bade prison had selected 36 inmates for this special training. The inmates were trained in the secured training location around the Taoyuan/Hsinchu/MiaoLi area during day time, and lectured by prison trainers during night time. The inmates were working, studying, and exchanging their ideas together as a team. After months of hand working and studying, all of 36 inmates were successfully certified.

The Bade Minimum Security Prison has combined the certification ceremony with Family Day, so the family members would be able to witness the glorious moment of the first National Certification offered to their loved ones. The emotion of joy and happiness has filled the entire atmosphere. The proud family members of these prisoners have seen the changes in these men who once were in a total different path. The skill classes were working out well. It proved the combination of training classes and family support programs are indeed needed. The result was successful and overwhelming touching.

The Bade Minimum Security Prison Warden expressed, “it is our prison’s goal to train inmates with additional working skills, habit of hard working, and enhance their spiritual attitudes. These can not only help the inmates to overcome their emotional trouble but also to enjoy the happiness from working hard, as well as to enable the inmates to become more independents and earn higher salaries. The inmates can turn into the providers and protectors of their families. Yes, this is exactly the goal for these training courses. It is a happy thing to do to help these inmates and families. The Bade Minimum Security Prison will continue to train other skills to the inmates and care for these inmates.” The Bade Minimum Security Prison will also continue to promote and combine family support programs for inmates to fulfill the societies’ expectation.

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