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Bade Minimum Security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, held the Spring Festival Face-to-Face Meeting with Family in 2023.

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  • Last updated:2023-10-02
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In order to show sympathy for the inmates’ emotion of concerning with relatives and strengthen the cohesion of their family, the prison held the face-to-face meeting before the Lunar New Year Eve, and let the inmates share the happiness with their family. Before the activity beginning, we saw their eager feelings, and revealing the happiness and joyfulness after seeing their family. Although the weather was chilly during the day of event, all the relatives attended despite the low temperature. It made every inmate feel warmth on the heart.

46 inmates and 95 relatives participated in this activity. During the event, inmates talked to their keenly, cared each other, held their parents or wives’ hands, carried their own children and disgrace from their eyes. The site filled with a mood of warm, fragrant and joyfulness, and it shortened the distance from the isolation. The organizer served sophisticated desserts and beverages for inmates’ family in order to convey best wishes. Finally, the meeting drew a perfect ending in touching blessing and farewell.

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