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Bade Minimum Security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, held the Face-to-Face Meeting with Family of Mother’s Day in 2023.

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  • Last updated:2023-10-02
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In order to ease the homesickness of the inmates, encourage them to repent and do good by family support, and return to society as soon as possible, the prison specially held a face-to-face meeting activity for the inmates on the eve of Mother’s Day. By the meeting activity, it not only let the inmates reunite and feel family happiness, but also directly express their gratitude and longing for their family members.

A total of 31 inmates and 66 family members participated in this face-to-face meeting activity of Mother’s Day. On the day of event, we saw the eagerly awaited expressions of the participants, and the happiness and joyfulness they showed while they were seeing their relatives. During the activity, the inmates even seized the opportunity to share with their families how much they miss each other. Their mutual care and interaction, it also filled the venue with a warm and harmonious atmosphere, and intangibly narrowed the distance between each other.

After the event, the prison also provided exquisite meals and drinks to express the feelings and blessing for Mother’s Day. In the end, the event drew a perfect ending with a warm and touching blessing and farewell. It is hope that through the connection and touch of their family relationship, every inmates can regain the kindness and confidence in their hearts and return to family and society after leaving the prison.

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