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Bade minimum security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice held cultural and recreational activities in June 2023.

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  • Last updated:2023-10-02
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In order to cooperate with the national arts and culture education competition of the Agency of Corrections in year 2023 and to continue promoting the recognition and understanding of the restorative justice among inmates of correctional institutions. The prison specially held a “Rehabilitated Life- Drama Competition” preliminary selection during the cultural and recreational activity in June. Hoping to encourage the inmates to express the creativities, cultivate their morality and improve the sense of culture, so as to achieve the function of rehabilitation and education.

This competition set the main theme as restorative justice and presented with the form of a drama. There was 24 participants from each group form two teams, and would use their creativity and ingenuity. Through the process of the script designing and characters fathoming, the inmates realized the mistakes of their own and put themselves in the shoes of thinking about the harm and impact on the victims. Gradually, they repaired and adjusted their own problems, then turned into a force of positive emotions and the power to change after returning to society in the future.

During the process of performance, every participants from each group put in all their efforts, whether it was in the arrangement of the story or the production of sound and light properties, they worked hard to strive the highest honor of individuals and teams. The drama competition not only let inmates participate in the cultural, recreational and educational events actively, but also gain a further acknowledge and understanding toward restorative justice. Finally, the event ended in a joyful and delightful performing course of the competition.

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