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Bade minimum security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice held cultural and recreational activities in August 2023.

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  • Last updated:2023-10-02
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In order to develop a proper leisure activity, set up a regular habit of exercise, strengthen the body and cultivate the spirit if teamwork for inmates, the prison held a time-limit basketball shooting competition specially, on August 27, 2023. A team of two persons from each unit in the prison took part in this game, and there are 38 inmates of 19 teams totally.

This game requires two mans working together, and shooting a ball within two minutes. The shooting area divides into three field which depend on the range counting different scores. The game is a trail of individual accuracy of shooting, and meanwhile an examination of unspoken consensus of passing ball, each team should choose the most confident shooting area which would be the key point to the final success.

Evaluating the shooting conditions of each team, no matter at three-point line, or restricted area, you could tell that every participant was well prepared. A competition under pressure truly examined the compressive resistance and stability of each team. After an intense contest, it drew a perfect ending for the time-limit basketball shooting competition.

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