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Bade-Minimum-Security Prison, Agency of Corrections, held face-to-face family visits for inmates for the new year.

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  • Last updated:2024-02-05
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Meet face-to-face and enjoy family warmth.

Welcome the dragon and send the rabbit, the Lunar New Year is approaching. In order to let the inmates feel the warm family affection at the end of the year, Bade-Minimum-Security Prison will hold a face-to-face family visits for inmates  on January 28, 2024 (Sunday). It relieves the host's homesickness and strengthens family support. Through this meaningful activity, it not only reconnects the emotional connection between the host and their family, but also adds warmth and sustenance within the high wall, to encourage them to face the future with a positive attitude and take positive steps towards new life.

On the day of the wedding event, despite the cold snap, the enthusiasm of the family members did not diminish. A total of 38 inmates and 69 family members participated. The event venue was located on the 2nd floor of the prison's reception building. The inmates were looking forward to it. As family members entered the venue one after another, Familiar figures showed true affection when they saw them, and there were endless words of care for each other with their families, and they interacted warmly and asked each other for help. In addition to thoughtfully providing meals and drinking water, the prison also opened a reading and recreation area specially designed for children, providing a happy and safe space, allowing the children to play and have fun, filling the venue with a warm atmosphere.

The inmate Xiaoxin (pseudonym) shared his feelings about participating in the family activity. He said that his wife came to visit and provide warmth in the low temperature. He was full of gratitude and felt deeply indebted and reluctant to let go. He also said that he was imprisoned for failing to think carefully. His regret and his family's persistence also made him hope to change the value of his life and promise to take more responsibility for his wife and family. Xiaoxin's feelings just demonstrated the profound meaning of the family visits to encourage the host to start from the heart. Han.

By holding face-to-face family visits activities during the Spring Festival, the inmates can share family happiness with their families during this special festival, and express their thoughts and gratitude to their families in a close-distance way. Huang Hongxi, the warden of the prison, said that the bonding activities not only enhanced the cohesion between the inmates and their families, but also strengthened family support. The agency repaired and reconnected family relationships through various family support programs, and expected that every inmate would be able to have a happy life while serving his sentence. Be able to experience positive changes, find opportunities in difficult situations, create a more positive future for yourself, and inject new hope into returning to society.

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