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Bade-Minimum-Security Prison, Agency of Corrections, held a Spring Festival phone call event for inmates for 113 years of the Republic of China.

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  • Last updated:2024-02-15
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Thousands of miles connects family members, conveys blessings and brings peace.

In order to let the inmates feel the warmth of the Spring Festival reunion, the Bade-Minimum-Security Prison held a Spring Festival telephone call on January 31, 2024. A total of 192 inmates expressed their longing for their families through the phone call. , shorten the distance between each other, and at the same time condense family affection. The prison is committed to improving the family support of the inmates. Telephone calls allow the inmates to feel the warmth within the walls, giving them the motivation to transform and be reborn.

In the spirit of zeal for public welfare, the Taoyuan Operations Office of the North Branch of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. provided 10 lines and telephones in the prison for free calls by inmates. Inmates in the venue heard people greeting their relatives through the microphone. Ah Xiang (pseudonym), who violated the Securities and Exchange Act, excitedly wished his wife and son a Happy New Year. The phone call allowed him not to be affected by the distance, relieved his homesickness, and expressed his care for his family; Ah Xing (pseudonym) because He was imprisoned for the crime of Forgery of Secrities. The moment he made the call, the earnest instructions on the hotline made him feel the support and care of his family, which became a reassurance for his emotional stability. On the eve of the Spring Festival, in a warm atmosphere, the inmates enjoyed the wonderful moment of being reunited with their families on the phone, and the emotional bonds between them and their relatives became stronger.

Huang Hongxi, the warden of the prison, said that "When a person is imprisoned, their family members busily buy food and use fransportation, all just to have a chance to meet them behind bars,expressing care and concern. " Holding phone calls can not only prevent family members from traveling and traveling when the cold wave hits, but also the inmates' desire and care for their families, and will not be affected by the weather and weather conditions. Due to the limitation of distance, we hope that the solid backing of family warmth can provide spiritual encouragement and comfort to the recipients, and help them to move down-to-earth on the road to recovery.

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