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Bade minimum security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice held cultural and recreational activities in February 2024.

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Frisbee double docking competition

In order to promote proper leisure and entertainment for inmates, promote healthy physical and mental development, exert teamwork spirit, and cultivate the concept of group honor, the supervisor will hold a Frisbee double docking competition for inmates on February 16, 2024. Each group will be composed of two people. A total of 42 people from 21 teams participated in this competition.

In addition to testing the tacit understanding between inmates, this competition also tests the dexterity and accuracy of throwing inmates. Inmates who catch the disc must maneuver to adjust the catching position at any time according to the direction of the flying disc. When the flying disc passes through the wooden frame before landing, teammates must catch the Frisbee in order to score one point, which fully tests the inmates' reaction and sensitivity. Of course, the game is not as easy as imagined, and the tense atmosphere during the game and the stability of the Frisbee throw test the tacit understanding between each other. Before the competition, teams sharpen their skills relentlessly during practice, aiming for certain victory. Despite not executing their moves perfectly during the competition, participants give it their all to strive for the best results. Meanwhile, spectators cheer each other on enthusiastically, with laughter and encouragement filling the air non-stop. The competition venue is buzzing with excitement!

Host Xiao Wu (pseudonym) said after the game that he had played baseball in the past, but suffered a shoulder injury due to a wrong pitching posture. Since then, he has seldom exercised. He got into Frisbee after becoming a father, and he and his family went to the park to throw the ball during holidays. Thinking of being able to grow up with the children, it was the happiest and most innocent time. Now the children are older! I miss that time very much! I hope that the parole report will go smoothly and that I can be released from prison as soon as possible to accompany my family.

There are always winners and losers in the competition. After a fierce competition, each contestant showed various throwing and catching sports skills and gave full play to the sportsman spirit to successfully complete the competition. The top five were awarded on the spot. For the award, I hope that every inmate can strive for honors with the same serious attitude on the competition field, as well as the spirit of not being arrogant in victory and not discouraged in defeat. I also wish that every inmate can be released from prison and return to society as soon as possible!

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