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Use the Relapse Prevention (RP) group model to stop fraud!

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  • Last updated:2024-03-26
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Fraudster Awareness Group Action

After being admitted to this prison, the inmates who have committed fraud crimes have received a rehabilitation course for all inmates to understand relevant legal issues (primary prevention). When entering the group treatment, a one-time course will be given to the inmates who have committed fraud crimes. Cognitive counseling courses (secondary prevention) help homogeneous fraud victims think about their crimes. After the group, there will be a questionnaire to help the victims further participate in advanced prevention according to their own needs and wishes(tertiary prevention).

The psychologist observed that most of the members who signed up for advanced fraud prevention groups had financial problems, so we designed a total of 12 themes such as: luck and risk, greed, getting rich and keeping money, using the content of the introduced topics as an introduction and discuss with members their connection with money, and find that even members who join later or are about to be released from prison (an open group) can gain something. The theme of the group promotes interaction among members, and then obtaining therapeutic factors from other members (irrigating hope, empathy, conveying information, developing social skills, etc.) does not just stop at the moral discussion of fraud crimes, but uses this to encourage members to have a deeper understanding of their own fraud crimes.

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