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Enrich the lives of the elderly by Group-based Treatment Activities.

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  • Last updated:2024-04-22
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Wandering Life Group-based Treatment Activities for Elderly Inmates

The elderly are facing the stage of physical and mental degeneration and retirement. In addition, they have to leave their familiar environment due to internment, which makes the elderly interns have more blanks in time, space and interpersonal relationships than before entering prison. Therefore, in order to reduce the psychological impact of the blanks on them, Negative impact, the "Wandering Life Senior Citizen Group" is organized for senior inmates over 65 years old in this prison, using diverse and rich dynamic interpersonal interaction group activities (example: creative balloons, exploration of interpersonal boundaries, light clay to relieve stress, cooperative board games, clever house building, and other media materials), enrich the life of prisoners, slow down the degradation of their physical and mental functions, and thereby increase their vitality.

In addition, in order to enable elderly inmates to stabilize their emotions and physical and mental health through group therapeutic factors such as interpersonal learning, emotional catharsis, corrective experience, and universal empathy, in addition to regularly organizing group activities once a month, the maximum number of group members per session is 12 people, in order to enhance their trust and sense of security in the group, in order to stabilize or improve the comprehensive abilities of elderly prisoners.

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