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Bade minimum security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice held cultural and recreational activities in April 2024.

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Endless Gratitude to Mom-Card Design Competition 

To cultivate the artistic potential of inmates and encourage active participation in legitimate recreational activities, a " Endless Gratitude to Mom - Card Design Competition" was organized under the theme of "Celebrating Warm May Mother's Day." Through the creation of gratitude cards, participants were encouraged to express their appreciation for their mothers (or loved ones) through practical actions, aiming to inspire the correct concept of filial piety and gratitude among inmates. The goal was to foster reflection on gratitude and cherish blessings, as well as to enhance family cohesion and establish a positive outlook on life through the creation of visual art or written language.

    A total of 6 inmates participated in the event. Inmate Ah Xiang stood out with his unique creativity and delicate brushwork. Upon winning, Ah Xiang choked up and expressed that his inspiration came from stories within his family. He transformed the memories hidden in his heart into artworks through this competition. He recalled his parents' frugality and sacrifices, nurturing him in various skills (such as taekwondo, rollerblading, and painting) since childhood. However, due to his youthful recklessness and misguided friendships, he ended up losing his freedom for many years. He expressed profound gratitude to his mother for never abandoning him and eagerly awaited the day he could turn his life around.

    Director Huang Hongxi of the prison expressed that children may err, but family will always be the first shelter. Only parents can sacrificially sacrifice and accept the return of their wayward children. The debt of gratitude to parents is as heavy as a mountain, a realization often only truly understood after becoming parents themselves. He hoped that the inmates of the prison could comprehend this sentiment early on, break free from the cycle of crime, and become an integral part of family cohesion.

The event concluded with department heads serving as judges, evaluating based on adherence to the theme, overall technical skill (drawing), and creativity (design concept and originality). The top three winners were awarded prizes. Through this activity, the inmates gained a deeper understanding of gratitude and filial piety. The winning works will be displayed on the notice board in front of the educational office for the entire prison to appreciate, enhancing artistic cultivation and family cohesion.

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