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Fixed-point basketball shooting competition

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The Bade Minimum-Security Prison advocates the development of correct leisure activities for the inmates, establishes good regular exercise habits, makes them strong and physically fit, and collects the enlightenment effects of teaching and learning. On February 16th, 2019 (Saturday), a fixed-point basketball shooting competition for the inmates was held. One to two people were sent to each unit. A total of 16 teams and 30 people represented the units in the competition.

This competition is conducted in a personal game. Each person has 10 goals. In the 10 shooting positions, you can choose from 1 to 10 shooting location. You can shoot at a certain point or shoot at different places. Among them, in addition to focusing on the accuracy of individual shooting in various regions, in the design of the scoring model, according to the distance of the shooting distance, adopting different scoring modes, the whole game adds more challenges and fun. During the game, when the contestants scored goals, everyone was happy to cheer each other and feel happy for the goal. In the end, after some fierce competition, the results of the competition were released. The team was awarded the first place by the camp repair group, 0642 and the external employed group of 10, 0471 won the second place, and the external employed group of three, 0817 were awarded the third place. 

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