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Mother's Day face-to-face event

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  • Last updated:2020-06-23
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May is a warm and touching season. In order to welcome Mother's Day, the Bade Minimum-Security Prison will hold a face-to-face meeting for the Mother's Day on April 28, 2019, so that the inmate can feel the short gathering time of this warm Mother's Day in advance and experience the mother’s care, understand the mother's hard work and intentions, and then know how to be grateful to the mother, to filial mother.


This time, 37 inmates and 78 family members in total participated in the activities of the relatives. At the scene of the event, when these inmates first saw their loved ones, their faces showed happiness and joy. A lot of mothers had eyelid moist and clasped their hands each other. Talk about each other and care about each other's current situation, so that the entire event venue is full of warmth. The Bade Minimum-Security Prison also specially provided meals and carnations to congratulate. Finally, the event ended in a warm and touching blessing and goodbye.



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