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Rehabilitation and Education Business

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  • Last updated:2023-10-02
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(1) Organizing rectification and moralization programs to strengthen inmates’ conscience

i.There are different educating methods for the inmates to encourage them having a new life, such as religious education, volunteer education and law education.

ii.In order to bring balance and worth to an incarcerated life, various recreational and educational activities that have mind-stabilizing and mood-calming effects are held each month.

iii. For inmates about to be discharged from the prison, 
they shall attend Protection for the Rehabilitated Promotion Campaign, which are designed to facilitate their reintegration into society. In this way, we hope to buttress inmates’ sense of self-efficacy.


(2)Promoting and deepening life education programs so as to reinforce rectification

A. Combining the social resources to conduct more lessons and courses for the inmates to rebuild their future new life.

B. Grouping up the inmates to join study group and readers’ club, to name a few. Experiences in such environment can reduce recidivism, as an inmate builds his self-esteem and cultivates respect for others through learning.


(3)Applying social resources to support rectification workforce

A.Combining the social resources to strengthen the function of education volunteers in order to reinforce the insufficient man-power, and strengthen the counseling function.

B.In assistance of putting together a multitude of learning and cultural activities, the administration has also introduced social welfare groups. As these educational entertainments take effect, we can hope for betterment of inmates’ character.

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