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Bade minimum security Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice held cultural and recreational activities in February 2024.

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Gratitude Heart - Reflection Writing Competition Event

    To enhance the artistic potential of inmates, a "Gratitude from the Heart - Reflection Writing Competition" was organized. The aim was to showcase the creative abilities of inmates in expressing gratitude towards their closest family and friends, diverging from the traditional sports competitions format to provide an opportunity for those less inclined towards physical activities to compete for recognition. Moreover, it aimed to provide participants with a platform to showcase their talents.

    A total of 29 inmates participated in the event, unleashing their creativity to express gratitude under the theme of "Gratitude from the Heart" through letters or reflective writings. Through the participants' works, sincere expressions of love and the unearthing of genuine emotions and innermost thoughts were deeply moving.

    One inmate, referred to as Ah Cheng, expressed to his teacher that he lacked formal education and tended to act impulsively. He found it challenging to articulate heartfelt words to his loved ones. Through this writing competition, he conveyed gratitude to his family, stating: "When everyone else left me, your eyes never showed blame, only the care and concern of family. I felt your unconditional support and courage, understanding that I must maintain harmony within myself, love my family, my ever-supportive friends, and be kind to myself." His words revealed a sense of guilt towards his family, alongside gratitude for their support and companionship, prompting deep reflection and a reorientation of thoughts.

    The prison warden, Director Huang Hongxi, remarked that true realizations often come during times of adversity and that family is the greatest source of support and motivation for starting anew. He expressed hope that inmates would consider their loved ones before any actions and cherish those who care for them, fulfilling the expectations of their families.

    Following preliminary screening by instructors, the competition proceeded to a final evaluation by department heads, with criteria including insightfulness, interpretation of themes, rhetoric, and structural coherence. The top three participants were awarded prizes. Through this event, participants were encouraged to bravely face their loved ones and express heartfelt gratitude, deepening the concept of gratitude. The event concluded successfully, fostering a sense of closure and fulfillment.

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